The textile industry contemporary is one of the the hottest topics of our society. Hence, the question is: how do we consume better?
How to know what to buy and wear? At Torretto Tessuti, we offer an alternative. 

Local partnerships

For many years, we have been building our reputation
on thequality of our products and a prodigious variety of materials.
Our identity is based on a principle of sustainability developped
year after year with manufacturers and suppliers
with whom we deal without intermediaries
within a radius of 500 kilometers.
What do we want? To know what we sell and what we offer,
improve theimpact of our fabric, be the actors and the
ambassadors of a virtuous circle. Buy local,
buy better !   

"Uncompromising fashion:
Our ideatoday isto rethink the fashion world of tomorrow,together."
Alessandro, intuition  



Quality up-cycling

Our prodigious variety of materials is the result of years of
bonding with many enthusiasts who, like us, 
believe in the reuse ofmaterials. Who like us,
are committed to giving a second life to these fabrics originally meant
for big names in fashion and important fashion houses.
The reliability of our procurement method guarantees us
fabrics made in Italy and transformations always
made in France and Italy.

 "Introducing our fabrics into a sustainable consumption circuit, reinventing is always better."Camille, communication

Favouring a short and local circuit is committing for a better society
which fits our real needs and favors a work done
carefully, synonymous with creativity, quality and always
respectful of labour standards. Therefore, we know who works
in the warehouses and factories we deal with. 


Our challenge   

"We accompany each of your projects, from the creation of your very first piece to the development of your
entire wardrobe. Thibaud, consellor

"Creative textile collections,
traceable and sustainable, for designs that you'll love and wear for a lifetime. " Nicki, inspiration